💝 Tomorrow is Valentines Day and love is in the air! 💝

The love that you want to share may be with your other half, your children, your friends or it could be with your dog!

If you want to show your dog how much you love and appreciate them then why not try some of these Valentines ideas we have come up with that you can do with them:

* If our lovely British weather is anything like today you could get your thick coat and hat on and have a dog-friendly picnic in the park under the crisp winter sunshine. Take along some of their very favourite treats and toys and spend the day enjoying the outdoors together.

* Bake some homemade dog treats. Your dog can enjoy some yummy treats that are both healthy and delicious like these treats that The Cookie Rookie has created using flour, peanut butter and honey. 

* Go on a special adventure. Take your dog on a walk to a new place, maybe a new woodland area, the beach or a park that you have never been to before so they can experience new smells and meet new dogs.

* Treat your dog to a spa day. Give your pup a relaxing bath, a massage, and a brush out to help them feel pampered and loved or if you want to really make them feel special, take them to a groomers for the full works, nails and all!

* Treating your dog doesn't have to be expensive, make them a DIY dog toy. Get creative and make a new toy for your dog to play with using things that you may have around the house. Make them a snuffle mat using an old blanket or sheet, tying knots in it and hiding some of our training treats in the folds or get some toilet rolls and hide treats in them so your dog has to try and get them out. Not only does the dog get rewarded with a treat, it is a great way to stimulate their brain and use some of that excess energy!

Remember, above all, your dog just wants to spend time with you and feel loved, so any activity that includes you will be a special Valentine's Day for them even if that is just snuggling up on the sofa together!

February 13, 2023 — Sophie Lamb

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