Gourmet Chicken & Salmon Training Treats


Gourmet Chicken & Salmon Training Treats, the epitome of flavour and luxury for your furry companion's training sessions. These tasty bites combine the irresistible appeal of chicken with the luxury of salmon.

To add a touch of indulgence, these treats are infused with succulent salmon. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients, salmon not only adds a delicate, fishy aroma but also contributes to your pup's overall well-being. It's a marriage of flavours that will leave your furry friend begging for more.

These training treats are not just a delight for the taste buds but also designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind. Their bite-sized format makes them perfect for quick rewards during training sessions, allowing you to reinforce positive behaviours effortlessly.

The mouthwatering combination of Gourmet Chicken & Salmon Training Treats will keep your pup engaged and motivated, making training a joyful experience for both of you.

Gourmet Chicken & Salmon Training Treats are crafted without any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives, ensuring that you're giving your pup a treat that's as wholesome as it is delicious.

Reward their progress and achievements with Gourmet Chicken & Salmon Training Treats and watch them thrive.

Elevate their training experience to new heights of luxury and taste. Treat your furry companion to something truly exceptional – order now and embark on a training journey filled with scrumptious success!


* Grain Free

* Suitable for Puppies

* Highly Digestible

Serving Size: You will receive 100g per order

Ingredients: Chicken 40%, salmon 30%, minerals, permitted preservatives

Analysis: Protein 20.8%, Oil 20.1%, Fibre 0.9%, Ash 5.9%, Moisture 16.2%

Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.