Whitefish & Potato Cookies


Discover the exceptional benefits of our Whitefish & Potato Cookies! Elevate your pup's snack time with this delectable and nutritious treat. 

Here's why these cookies are a must-have for your furry companion:


  • 100% Natural, Grain-Free Goodness: Crafted with simplicity in mind, Whitefish & Potato Cookies are free from artificial additives or grains. They're a pure, natural indulgence for your pup.

  • Lustrous Coats and Itch-Free Skin: Thanks to the fatty acids in fish, these cookies provide essential moisture for skin and coats. Say goodbye to itchy skin, shedding, and hello to a glossy shine!

  • Weight Management Wonder: Low in saturated fat yet high in protein, these cookies are an excellent choice for weight-conscious pups. They provide necessary nutrients without unnecessary calories.

  • Omega 3 & 6 Powerhouses: These vital fatty acids aren't naturally produced in canine bodies. By introducing them through our Whitefish & Potato Cookies, you're promoting optimal brain development, improved focus, memory, behaviour, and even boosting the immune system.

  • Digestion: Beyond their delicious taste, these cookies are highly digestible, reducing the strain on your dog's digestive system compared to many protein-rich meats.

  • Crunchy Texture Dogs Love: With a rich, crunchy texture, these cookies are sure to keep your four-legged friends happy. It's a treat they'll eagerly look forward to.

Elevate treat time with our Whitefish & Potato Cookies – a combination of taste, texture, and nutrition that your dog will adore. Watch tails wag in delight with every scrumptious bite! 🐟🐾


Whitefish 85% 
Potato 15% 

Analytical Constituents: Protein 34.6%, Ash 12.8%, Fibre 2.6%, Moisture 6.15%, Fat 13.14%