Turkey & Cranberry Cookies


🦃 Get ready to jingle your pup's taste buds with 5 of our Turkey & Cranberry Cookies! These festive delights are more than just treats – they're a Christmas celebration in every bite!

🍗 Crafted from all-natural, high-protein ingredients, these cookies are a healthy indulgence for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They're grain-free and packed with the goodness of turkey, making them perfect for a balanced, protein-rich diet. And with the added cranberry zing, it's a flavour combination that'll make your pup's tail wag with delight.

🐾 Whether you've got a dashing Dachshund or a majestic Mastiff, these cookies are suitable for pups of all ages and sizes. They can be served whole for a satisfying crunch or easily broken into smaller pieces, making them the pawfect training reward. Plus, they're fantastic for puppies and provide essential support for joint health, skin, and coat care.

🎅 But wait, there's more! Before you indulge your pup in these delectable delights, why not give Santa Paws a call? Let him know just how well-behaved your furry friend has been all year. And don't forget to leave a few cookies out for his hard-working reindeer – they'll need the extra boost for their long night of delivering gifts!

🎁 So why wait? Treat your pup to the magic of the season with our Turkey & Cranberry Cookies. Order now and let the festive feasting begin! After all, there's no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a treat that's made with love and a sprinkle of holiday cheer. 🎄🍪🐾

Serving Size: You will receive 5 cookies per serving

Ingredients: Turkey 60%, chicken 20%, sweet potato, dried cranberry 2%, minerals