Soft Chicken Knots


Soft Chicken Knots – full of taste, texture, and nutritional properties. 

Gentle on Sensitive Stomachs and Dental Health: Bid farewell to digestive discomfort and dental woes with these gentle yet satisfying Soft Chicken Knots. Easy to digest and gentle on the teeth and gums, these treats are a godsend for dogs with sensitive stomachs or dental sensitivities. 

Naturally Pure, Chemical-Free Goodness: At the heart of these Soft Chicken Knots lies a commitment to purity and simplicity. Free from chemical additives, artificial colours, and preservatives, these treats offer a safer, healthier alternative to conventional options. 

Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Friendly: Catering to the diverse dietary needs of our canine companions, these Soft Chicken Knots are proudly hypoallergenic. Say goodbye to allergic reactions and digestive distress, as these treats are crafted to minimise the risk of adverse responses. 

A Bounty of Nutritional Benefits: Soft Chicken Knots boast a natural composition rich in proteins and essential nutrients. Not only do they tease the taste buds, but they also support overall skin health and contribute to a shinier, healthier coat.

Training and Rewards: Transform training sessions into moments of joy and success with our Soft Chicken Knots. Their soft, moist, and pliable texture makes them the perfect incentive for obedience training, agility exercises, and beyond. 

Whether you're seeking to enhance training outcomes, support digestive health or promote radiant skin and coat health, these treats are your ticket to a happier, healthier pup!


92% Chicken Breast; 8% Grains

Feeding Instructions:

Feed as part of a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available when feeding.