Sizzlin' BBQ Beef Burger


Get ready to ignite your pup's taste buds with our mouthwatering Sizzlin' BBQ Beef Burgers!

TheseĀ meaty treats are crafted to perfection, delivering a flavour-packed experience that will transport your furry friend to a summertime sensation with every bite.

These Sizzlin' BBQ Beef Burgers are gluten and grain-free, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies or specific dietary needs. We believe that every dog deserves a delicious treat that won't compromise their well-being.

With every bite, your pup will experience the joy of summer. They'll imagine warm, sun-soaked days spent running around in the backĀ garden, surrounded by laughter from their family and the sizzle of the bbq.Ā 

Not only are these burgers packed with flavour, but they are also low in fat. We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for our furry friends, so you can feel confident in treating them to our Sizzlin' BBQ Beef Burgers without worrying about excess calories.Ā 

Treat them to a culinary adventure that will leave their tails wagging and their hearts full. Order now and make every day feel like a summertime BBQ celebration!

Features & Benefits:

* Suitable for Puppies

* Grain Free

* Low in Fat

* High ProteinĀ 


Beef 40%, chicken 30%, veg 5%, beef meal, minerals

Analytical Compostion:

Crude protein 44.2%, Crude oils and fats 25.1%, Crude ash 5.9%, Crude fibre 7.6%, Moisture 17.2%