Poultry Lover


Are you ready to treat your pup to a poultry delight? Introducing the ultimate taste sensation for your poultry loving pup with a bundle of carefully selected dog treats - The "Poultry Lover'! Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for individual treats, because with this bundle, you've got all your poultry bases covered in one click.

Indulge your pup's taste buds with a delicious assortment featuring chicken, duck, turkey, and even the crowning jewel – a tantalising 3 bird roast!

Whether it's reward time, training sessions, or simply a daily dose of love, this Poultry Lover bundle ensures that your poultry-loving pooch gets the variety they crave. Treat your pup to a feathered fiesta they'll never forget – because every bite is a clucking good time!

Included in this bundle:

1 x Chicken Drumstick

1 x Duck & Orange Sausage

5 x 3 Bird Roast Cookies

1 x Gobble Gobble Turkey Burger