Pork Crackling Strips


Pork Crackling Strips: A Porky Delight for Your Pup's Palate!

Made exclusively from 100% premium pork, our Pork Crackling Strips are a treat your furry friend will go wild for! Whether it's for a quick reward or to give yourself a breather, these strips are the ultimate go-to.

**Tailored to Perfection**

Unlike traditional pork rind bars, Pork Crackling Strips are thinner, making them a breeze on your dog's teeth and tummy. This makes them ideal for our smaller canine companions with dainty mouths. 

**Slow Roasted, Naturally Delicious**

Each strip is slow-roasted in its own natural juices, preserving that mouthwatering pork flavour your pup craves. It's a delicious treat that's sure to have tails wagging with delight.

**Perfect for Picky Eaters and Sensitive Tummies**

Free from grains and chicken, these strips are hypoallergenic and gentle on digestion, making them an excellent choice for pups with dietary sensitivities. They're a delicious, worry-free treat you can confidently offer.

**Long-Lasting Chewing Enjoyment**

Pork Crackling Strips aren't just a tasty snack - they're an engaging chew that helps promote dental hygiene. Their satisfying texture keeps your pup happily occupied, supporting clean teeth and gums.

**Protein-Packed Goodness**

With each strip being packed with protein, they contribute to muscle development and overall vitality. It's a tasty, wholesome reward that aligns with your pup's nutritional needs.

Treat your furry friend to the crispy, flavourful goodness of our Pork Crackling Strips. 

Ingredients: 100% Pork

Analytical Constituents: Protein 77%, Ash 1.5%, Oil 16%, Fibre 0.5%

Serving Size: 100g