Natural Braided Lamb Skin


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Premium Natural Braided Lamb Skins: Tail-Wagging Goodness for Your Beloved Pup!

Braided Lamb Skins are a testament to quality and excellence in canine treats. These skins are not just a delightful indulgence; they're a wholesome, nutritious choice for dogs with discerning tastes and sensitive tummies.

**Gentle Goodness, Free of Grains and Allergens**

Our Braided Lamb Skins are a fabulous for dogs with dietary sensitivities. They're crafted to be grain, gluten, and wheat-free, making them an excellent option for pups with sensitive tummies and those prone to allergies. You can treat your furry friend without worrying about digestive upsets!

**Protein-Rich Marvels for Muscle Health**

Packed with protein, these lamb skins are great for muscle development and overall health. They provide essential amino acids crucial for maintaining strong, healthy muscles. It's a tasty treat that supports your pup's active lifestyle.

**Lamb: The Gentle Protein**

Lamb is known for being easy on digestion, making it a superb alternative protein source for dogs with dietary sensitivities. Whether your pup has allergies or simply prefers a milder protein option, our Braided Lamb Skins offer a delicious solution.

**Pure, Natural Goodness**

We're committed to providing your pup with treats that are free from artificial flavours, additives, and preservatives. It's pure, natural goodness in every chew, ensuring your furry friend receives only the best.

**For Dogs of All Ages and Sizes**

Whether you have a sprightly pup or a wise old companion, these Braided Lamb Skins are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. It's a versatile treat that brings joy and vitality to dogs in every stage of life.

Composition: 100% Lamb

Analytical Constituents: Protein 80.66%; Fat 6.7%; Ash 1.61%; Moisture 11%