Lamb Pizzles


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Lamb Pizzles: The Perfect Chew for Puppies and Seniors!

Tailored for pups and older dogs, these pizzles are softer and chewier than traditional options, like bulls' pizzles. The gentle texture ensures a satisfying chewing experience without being too tough on their teeth.

**Benefits at a Glance:**

Hypoallergenic: Ideal for dogs with sensitivities, these pizzles are a safe and delicious option.

Dental Health: Regular chewing supports healthy teeth and gums, reducing plaque buildup.

Long-Lasting Fun: Keep your furry friend engaged and content with these durable chews.

Protein Powerhouse: A rich source of protein, essential for muscle health and overall vitality.

Gentle on the Stomach: Perfect for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, they're both nutritious and easy to digest.

**Amino Acid Boost:**

These lamb pizzles provide a natural source of amino acids crucial for muscle development, cognitive function, and a lustrous coat. Taurine, another vital amino acid, supports a healthy heart.

**Omega 3 Rich:**

They're naturally packed with Omega 3, promoting joint health and a glossy coat.

**Iron Boost:**

Keep your dog's energy levels up with the added benefit of iron, essential for overall well-being.

**Low in Fat:**

Perfect for pups watching their waistline while enjoying a tasty chew.

Composition: 100% Lamb