Medium Beef Ribs


Medium Beef Ribs are the perfect treat to keep your dog entertained and healthy. Made from 100% British beef sourced from grass-fed cows, these ribs provide a natural, nutritious, and long-lasting chew for your furry friend. Not only are they a great source of protein and essential nutrients, but they also support your dog's dental health and overall well-being. Air-dried with no added ingredients, Medium Beef Ribs deliver ultimate nutrition in every bite.

Key Features of Medium Beef Ribs:

100% British Beef: Sourced from grass-fed cows for high quality and nutrition.
Long-Lasting Entertainment: Perfect for keeping dogs engaged and reducing boredom.
Tasty Dental Chews: Promote dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar build-up.
High in Protein: Supports muscle development and overall health.
Air-Dried: No added ingredients, ensuring a natural and healthy treat.
Approximately 32cm in Length: Ideal size for larger breeds needing a substantial chew.
Made in Britain: Ensures high-quality standards and locally sourced ingredients.

Benefits of Medium Beef Ribs:

Grain-Free and Hypoallergenic

Medium Beef Ribs are grain-free, making them an excellent choice for dogs with dietary sensitivities or allergies. The hypoallergenic properties of these treats ensure that even dogs with the most sensitive stomachs can enjoy them without adverse reactions.

Dental Hygiene

The gnawing action required to chew these ribs helps promote dental hygiene. Chewing on Medium Beef Ribs reduces plaque and tartar build-up, leading to fresher breath, healthier gums, and overall improved oral health. These ribs provide a natural way to support your dog's dental care routine.

Long-Lasting Chew

Medium Beef Ribs are designed to be a long-lasting treat, making them perfect for dogs that love to chew. They provide prolonged entertainment and mental stimulation, reducing the likelihood of destructive chewing behaviours. This makes them ideal for keeping your dog occupied and happy.

High Protein Content

Rich in protein, Medium Beef Ribs support muscle development and maintenance. Protein is essential for your dog's growth, energy, and overall health. These ribs provide a substantial protein source that contributes to your dog's dietary needs.

Joint Care

The natural composition of Medium Beef Ribs includes nutrients that support joint health. Regular chewing can help keep your dog's joints flexible and strong, contributing to their overall mobility and quality of life.

Ideal for Larger Breeds

Medium Beef Ribs are approximately 32cm in length, making them perfect for larger breeds that need a more substantial chew. Their size and durability ensure that bigger dogs can enjoy a satisfying and engaging treat that lasts longer than smaller chews.

Made in Britain

These beef ribs are proudly made in Britain, ensuring that they meet high-quality standards and are sourced from local, grass-fed cows. This guarantees that your dog is getting a top-notch product that supports British agriculture and provides the best nutrition.

How to Use Medium Beef Ribs

Medium Beef Ribs can be given to your dog as a treat or reward. They are ideal for keeping your dog occupied during busy times or as a special treat for good behaviour. Always supervise your dog while they enjoy their rib to ensure safe chewing and prevent any potential choking hazards.

Ingredients: 100% Beef