Large Bountiful Buffalo Horns


Large Bountiful Buffalo Horns: A Natural Chew that is also an enrichment toy!

TheseĀ Large Buffalo Horns undergo a meticulous process of hand grading, washing, and sanding, ensuring it's a premium 100% natural dog chew. We take pride in delivering a product free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring, or any additives - just pure and unadulterated goodness!

**A Chew Worth Wagging About**

These Large Bountiful Buffalo Horns aren't just chews; they're a testament to our commitment to your pup's well-being. Here's why they stand out:

Durable & Low Odour:Ā Crafted to endure even the mightiest chewers, these horns keep tails wagging without overwhelming meaty odours.

Gluten-Free & 100% Natural: For pups with dietary sensitivities, these horns are a safe bet. They're also free from any artificial additives, ensuring a wholesome treat.

Nutritious & Long-Lasting: These chews aren't just entertainment; they're a source of vital nutrients. Low in fat, they're rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus, promoting strong bones and muscles.

Tailored for Heavy Chewers: Our Buffalo Horns are up to the challenge, making them perfect for dogs with a penchant for intense chewing.

Dental Health Boost: Chewing is a natural way to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, supporting healthier teeth and gums.

Top Tip: Enrichment Fun:Ā 
Turn mealtime into an adventure by stuffing the horn with dog-friendly delights like peanut butter or pate. It transforms into an enrichment toy, engaging your pup's mind while savouring a tasty treat.

Analytical information:

Fibre 79.95%; ash 0.6%; fat 0.27%;protein 2.07%; phosphorus 0.01%; sodium; magnesium; potassium; iron; calciumĀ