Jumbo Beef Knuckle Delight


The Jumbo Beef Knuckle Delight bones are brilliant for dental health. The act of gnawing and chewing helps to naturally scrape away plaque and tartar build-up, promoting strong gums and teeth. 

The gnawing action provides invaluable mental stimulation for your pup. Dogs are natural chewers, and this instinctual behaviour is essential for their mental well-being. The Jumbo Beef Knuckle Delight offers a satisfying outlet for this need, effectively alleviating boredom and reducing destructive chewing behaviours. Your pup will be happily occupied, engaging both body and mind.

What sets these bones apart is their remarkable longevity even for the most determined chewers, they provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction. This means you're not only investing in your dog's happiness but also some peace and quiet for yourself!

The marrow within these bones is a treasure trove of essential nutrients. Packed with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and collagen, it serves as a natural supplement for your dog's overall health. These nutrients are crucial for healthy bones, joints, and skin, ensuring your pup stays agile, limber, and comfortable throughout their life.

The Jumbo Beef Knuckle Delight is a packed full of protein. Protein is the cornerstone of muscle development and overall well-being for dogs. By incorporating these bones into your dog's diet, you're providing a high-quality source of this vital nutrient. This supports strong muscles, proper growth, and an overall robust physique.

For dogs with joint concerns, these bones offer a natural solution. The nutrients within the marrow contribute to joint health, aiding in mobility and comfort. Additionally, the collagen content helps maintain supple skin and a lustrous coat. This makes the Jumbo Beef Knuckle Delight an all-encompassing treat for joint, skin, and coat care.

They are grain-free, eliminating any potential allergens or sensitivities for dogs with grain-related dietary concerns. This means you can treat your furry friend without worry, knowing you're providing them with a wholesome, nourishing snack.


* Fantastic for larger dogs

* Grain Free

* Long Lasting

* High in Protein

* Great for joint, skin & coat care

Ingredients: 100% Beef

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 69.8%, Crude oils and fats 12.7%, Crude ash 11.4%, Moisture 6.1%