Gourmet Black Pudding Training Treats


Introducing our delectable Gourmet Black Pudding Training Treats, the ultimate culinary delight for your canine companion's training sessions! These bites of bliss are meticulously crafted to provide a gourmet experience that will leave your pup begging for more.

We start with the finest, human-grade ingredients, ensuring the utmost quality and taste. The star of the show is the traditional black pudding, expertly prepared to perfection. Made with rich, succulent meats, blended with spices, and cooked to a luscious texture, these treats offer a tasty experience for your dog's taste buds.

What sets our Gourmet Black Pudding Training Treats apart is not just their irresistible taste but also their nutritional benefits. Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, they offer a wholesome reward that supports your pup's overall health and well-being. From building strong muscles to boosting energy levels, these treats have it all.

We understand the importance of effective training, and that's why we've designed these treats to be perfectly sized for quick rewards. Their petite shape makes them ideal for positive reinforcement during training sessions, ensuring that your pup stays focused and motivated to learn. With each bite, they'll associate the rewarding taste of black pudding with their achievements, making training a delightful experience for both of you.

Gourmet Black Pudding Training Treats are made without any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. We believe in providing only the best for our furry friends, just like you do.

So, why settle for ordinary training treats when you can indulge your pup with the extraordinary? Elevate their training experience with our Gourmet Black Pudding Training Treats and witness their enthusiasm soar.


* Grain Free

* Suitable for Puppies

* Highly Digestible

Serving Size: You will receive 100g per order


Chicken 70%, Pork Blood, beef meal, minerals, permitted preservatives

Analysis: Protein 20.8%, Oil 20.1%, Fibre 0.9%, Ash 5.9%, Moisture 16.2%

Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.