Dried Wild Boar Ears


Dried Wild Boar Ears contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives, they give a delicious taste and satisfying chew that all dogs are sure to love!

Why is Wild Boar so good?!

Wild boar meat has a higher level of nutrition compared to farm-raised pigs; wild boar meat contains vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, zinc, iron, niacin, thiamine, and selenium, which are essential for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular, immune system, and metabolism for dogs.

Wild boar meat is a rich source of protein, which helps keep the dogs' muscles and organs functioning properly and provides energy for physical activity. It also aids a dog's growth and development and maintains skin and coat health.

Wild boar meat is rich in monounsaturated fats, which is a source of energy for dogs. Its lean meat is low in cholesterol.

As wild boars live in the wild, they have a natural diet and are not given antibiotics and hormones.

Other Benefits of Dried Wild Boar Ears:

* Grain Free

* Hypoallergenic 

* Great for Dental Hygiene

* Long Lasting

Ingredients: 100% Wild Boar

Feeding Guide: 

Feed supervised on a stain-resistant surface as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.