Chicken Drumsticks


Wholesome Chicken Drumsticks for Dogs: A Year-Round Protein-Packed Delight!

These tasty treats are more than just a Sunday roast indulgence - they're a daily delight for your furry friend. Each drumstick features a unique composition: a rice flour "bone" encasing a succulent chunk of chicken, creating a tasty, chewy treat that's bound to become a fast favourite.

**Protein for Pups**

Our Chicken Drumsticks are a fantastic source of high-quality protein, essential for muscle development, energy, and overall vitality. Treat your pup to a savoury, nutritious snack that supports their active lifestyle.

**Not Just for Sundays - A Treat for Everyday**

While they may have a Sunday roast feel to them, these drumsticks are designed to be enjoyed everyday. They're perfect for birthdays, training sessions, or simply as a gesture of love and appreciation for your furry companion.

**The Best of Both Worlds: Rice Flour "Bone" & Real Chicken**

The rice flour "bone" provides a satisfying chew, giving your pup an engaging experience. Meanwhile, the chunk of real chicken at the centre offers a burst of natural flavour that dogs find simply irresistible. It's a perfect blend of texture and taste!

**Easily Digestible and Safe**

The rice flour "bone" is easily digestible, making these drumsticks suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. You can rest easy knowing your pup is enjoying a treat that's not only delicious but also gentle on their digestion.

Features & Benefits:

  • High in Protein: Essential for maintaining strong, healthy muscles.
  • Year-Round Treat: Perfect for celebrating special occasions and everyday moments.
  • Safe and Digestible: The rice flour "bone" is easy on your pup's tummy.


Chicken 71.5%
Rice flour 13%
Starch 15.5%