Chicken & Cheese Wands


Chicken & Cheese Wands: A Pawsitively Delicious Delight for Your Furry Friend!

If you're looking to spoil your pup with a treat that's a canine culinary delight, look no further! Our Chicken & Cheese Wands are a mouthwatering combination of succulent chicken and the creamy richness of cheese, carefully crafted to satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

**A Taste Sensation Dogs Can't Resist**

The magic lies in the perfect blend of real chicken and cheese, creating a flavour explosion that'll have your pup begging for more. Each piece of chicken is cooked to perfection, sealing in the natural juices and savoury goodness that dogs crave. It's a taste sensation that'll leave tails wagging and taste buds dancing!

**Natural Goodness, No Nasty Additives**

We believe in giving your furry friend the very best, which is why our Chicken & Cheese Wands are completely free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. You can rest easy knowing that your pup is getting pure, natural goodness in every bite.

**Grain-Free and Pup-Friendly**

For puppies and dogs with sensitive tummies, these wands are a dream come true. They're completely grain-free, making them an easily digestible treat that won't cause any tummy troubles. You can indulge your pup without any worries!

**A Treat as Unique as Your Pup**

Every pup deserves a special treat now and then, and our Chicken & Cheese Wands are just the ticket. They're hand-crafted with love, ensuring that each piece is a delectable masterpiece that your pup will adore.

Treat your furry friend to a taste sensation that'll have them doing backflips of joy. 

Ingredients: Chicken 50%, pork 20%, beef powder, minerals, cheese powder 3%, permitted preservatives

Analysis: Protein 20.8%, Oil 20.1%, Fibre 0.9%, Ash 5.9%, Moisture 16.2%

Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.