Beef Inner Ear Crunch


Unleash the flavour frenzy with our beef inner ear crunch dog treats! These tantalising delights are not only a savoury snacking experience but also a powerhouse of protein, keeping your pup strong and satisfied.

Crafted with care and completely grain-free, these treats are the paw-fect choice for health-conscious pet parents.

The irresistible crunch promotes dental health, while the high protein content supports muscle development.

Treat your pup to the ultimate balance of taste and nutrition. Give them the gift of beef inner ear crunch, tail-wagging goodness that's worth every woof!


  • All-natural and only 1 ingredient: Cow Ear
  • Carefully dried to preserve natural flavour 
  • Crunchy training treat or snack


  • Protein dog food 
  • Grain & gluten free 
  • Raw healthy treats
  • Full digestible

Composition: 100% Beef