Beef Doggy Gobstoppers


Beef Doggy Gobstoppers are the ultimate chew for dogs that crave a satisfying and long-lasting treat.

Unlike jerky or softer snacks, these sturdy knee cap bones are built to endure, providing hours of enjoyment for your furry friend.

These Beef Doggy Gobstoppers аrе carefully ѕlоw roasted in their own juісеѕ, unlocking a burst of delicious, natural flavour that dogs go wild for.

Have you got a Chewer?

These bones are not only a gnaw-some delight; they also serve a vital purpose. Dogs have an innate instinct to chew, and these bones provide the perfect outlet for that instinct. They offer the perfect way for dogs to satisfy their chewing needs while promoting healthy chewing habits.

Made from beef kneecap joints sourced from the hind leg, these bones are one of the strongest and most durable options available.

They are designed to withstand even the most determined chewers, ensuring that your dog will have a satisfying and lasting experience. Whether your pup needs to burn off energy, pass the time, or simply indulge in a pleasurable activity, these bones are the perfect solution.

Not only do Beef Doggy Gobstoppers provide entertainment, but they also offer a wealth of nutritional benefits. These bones are high in protein, supplying your dog with the essential building blocks they need for optimal health. Additionally, they are packed with vital vitamins and nutrients, contributing to your dog's overall well-being.

One of the many advantages of chewing on bones is their ability to support dental hygiene. As dogs gnaw, lick, and chew on these bones, they naturally help remove tartar and plaque buildup from their teeth. This promotes healthier gums and fresher breath, ensuring your dog maintains excellent oral health.

Indulge your pup with Beef Doggy Gobstoppers, the chew that surpasses all others - these bones provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction. From satisfying their natural instinct to chew to promoting healthy teeth and gums, these bones are a must-have for any dog owner seeking a premium and beneficial chew treat.


  • 100% all natural, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • 100% grown and made in the UK
  • Never treated with any chemicals, bleach or formaldehyde


  • Made from beef kneecap joints from the hind leg, which is one of the strongest, most durable bones.
  • Bones are high in protein and are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients 
  • Helps promote healthy chewing habits
  • Helps remove tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth.

Feeding Instructions: As with all out treats please give to your dog supervised and make sure there is plenty of water available near by.

Composition: Beef Bones

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein: 27.5%, Crude Oils & Fats: 5.7%, Crude Fibres: 0.0%, Crude Ash: 62.4%