Wolf Fish Flat Chew


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Wolf Fish Flat Chews ā€“ a naturalĀ wonder treat that's as good for your pup as it is for their taste buds.

Crafted from 100% Wolf Fish skins, these chews undergo a meticulous natural drying process, ensuring both durability and the retention of vital nutrients. No additives, preservatives, or artificial elements ā€“ just pure, unadulterated goodness.


**Omega Oil Powerhouse:** Bursting with Omega oils, these wolf fish flat chews offer remarkable anti-inflammatory benefits, perfect for supporting joint health and mobility. The added antioxidants reduce joint inflammation, providing a much-needed stamina boost for older dogs.

**Coat Health Extraordinaire:** The fatty acids in Wolf Fish are a skin and coat miracle. They provide essential moisture, reducing itchiness and promoting overall coat health. Prepare for less shedding and a brilliant salon ready shine!

**Weight Management Excellence:** Low in saturated fat yet high in protein, these chews are an ideal choice for weight control, offering necessary nutrients without excess calories because lets face it.. we all enjoy a treat that doesn't add lots of calories!

**Essential Omega 3 & 6:** These crucial fatty acids aren't naturally produced in canine digestive systems. By adding them through our Wolf Fish flat chews, you're supporting brain development, focus, memory, behaviour, and even boosting the immune system.

**Digestibility Champ:** Beyond theirĀ deliciousĀ taste, these chews are highly digestible, reducing the workload on your dog's digestive system compared to many protein-rich meats.

**Anxiety-Busting Entertainment:**Ā The drying process creates a longer-lasting chew, keeping your four-legged friend engaged and helping to alleviate anxiety and boredom.. great if you want a bit of peace and quiet!

**Dental Health Genius:** These chews double as a natural toothbrush, exfoliating and cleaning away plaque and tartar as your dog chews.

ForĀ all doggos, big or small, young or wiseĀ - Wolf Fish Flat Chews are the ultimate canine delight. They're a treat that offers a crunchy adventure packed with benefits. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this tail-wagging experience!" šŸŸšŸ¾


100% Wolf Fish Skins

Analytical Constituents:Ā Moisture: 4.76% Protein: 90.9% Fat: 8.66% Fibre: 0.1% Ash: 3.06%