Sweet Potato & Seaweed Sea Creatures


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The Under the Sea Veggie Treats are made out of sweet potato and pea flour which makes them gluten free - This ensures they are easy to digest and low in fat.

Seaweed is a rich source of nutrients, minerals and amino acids.

Health benefits for your pet of seaweed include:

* Increased energy

* Colour enhancement in coats

* Great support for a healthy immune system.

Seaweed also contains iodine and encourages thyroid function.


Sweet potato flour 44.09%, pea flour 25%, chicken 10%, vegetable glycerine 8.5%, calcium carbonate 6%, dried brewers yeast 3.5%, dried seaweed 1%, sunflower seed oil 1%, dried paprika 0.8%, potassium sorbate 0.1%, chlorophyll (E141) 0.01% Pea Flour.

Nutritional Information:

Sweet potato flour 36.9%, pea flour 25%, chicken 15%, vegetable glycerine 8%, peanut butter 5%, dried pumpkin 3%, dried brewers yeast 3%, calcium carbonate 3%, sunflower seed oil 1%, potassium sorbate 0.1% crude protein (min) 8%, crude fat (min) 1%, crude fibre (max) 5%, ash (max) 5%, moisture (max) 16%