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Dried Pork Spaghetti - 100g

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When you order 100g of dried pork spaghetti, you get between 13-25 pieces of this natural dog treat as this is dependant on the weight of each piece.

The average length is between 25-30cm

The strands are thin which makes it perfect for all dogs to chew on and enjoy!

Pork spaghetti contains:

* Vitamins A, E, D3 - This ensures efficient metabolism, bone growth and vision

* Protein - Helps build muscle and helps with the dogs development

* Raw Fat - Provides healthy skin and fur

* Crude Fibre - An organic ingredient that helps keep the dogs bowel consistent

* Mineral Compounds - Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium - Great minerals to keep dogs teeth and bones strong


* Protein: 74.9%

* Fat: 14.7%

* Ash: 6.25%

* Humidity: 10%