Chicken, Cod & Beef Cubes - 100g


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Chicken, Cod & Beef Cubes - 100g dog treats! These exquisite treats combine the best of both worlds: the savoury goodness of meat and the wonderful combination of flavours of fish. 

Designed with training in mind, these small but hard treats are the perfect size for rewarding your pup during obedience sessions.

Their compact shape and firm texture make them easy to handle and less crumbly, ensuring minimal distractions during training. With these cubes by your side, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your dog's focus and responsiveness.

What sets these treats apart is their impressive protein content. Packed with high-quality chicken, cod, and beef, they offer a generous dose of essential amino acids that support muscle development and overall vitality.

Protein is an integral part of your dog's diet, and these cubes provide a wholesome and satisfying way to meet their nutritional needs.

Not only do these treats excite your dog's taste buds and aid in training, but they also offer a range of additional benefits.

The combination of meat and fish provides a well-rounded source of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, which promote a healthy coat and skin.

These treats also contribute to dental health, as the chewing action helps reduce tartar buildup and keeps your dog's teeth clean.

Make every training session an unforgettable experience for your pup. Upgrade their rewards with Chicken, Cod & Beef Cubes - 100g dog treats and witness the joy and enthusiasm that comes with a tasty and nutritious incentive.

Your dog will quickly learn to associate training with these delectable cubes, making the learning process both enjoyable and rewarding.

You will receive 100g per serving which is approx. 50 treats


Chicken 25%

Beef 25%

Cod 25%


Protein 48%
Fat 2%
Ash 4%
Moisture 1.8%